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What is the deadline for registration?
Registration is open from 1 September until all the slots are filled or November 10th, which ever comes first.  We are looking to help ~4200 families this year. Return to Top
How do I know I have a registration in the system?

To check the status of your application, go to and enter the email address you used to register.

Pending means that you have a registration and you are waiting for someone to review your application and approve or deny it.  Approvals happen from 15 September to 11 December so be patient.

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How do I know my kids have been APPROVED?
Approvals will start on September 15th and be completed by December 11th.  CHECK your APPROVAL by going to and entering the EMAIL address you used to register.  The system will send you an update.  
Pending status means we have your application, but it hasn't been approved yet - please be patient.
Approval process below:
Thank you for visiting the 2024 Pinellas County Florida Toys for Tots registration site.  Once you submit your registration, your request will be evaluated for compliance to our program standards that are:  
  • Resident of and children living in the County
  • Children of an appropriate age (0- 12)
  • Financial Need.
Approved registrations will be acknowledged electronically to the email provided in the request.
Those requests requiring clarification will be contacted by email and asked to provide additional information.  Understand that sometimes the sensitive nature of the information will require that the information be provided in person.
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What ages are able to receive toys?
Children 12 years or younger as of 12/25/2024 are eligible to receive toys. Return to Top
What are the important dates to remember?

September 1st - Registration OPEN for everyone

September 15th - December 11th - Approvals are made.

November 10th - Registration CLOSED for everyone

December 14th - All registrations approved/disapproved and all families notified

December 15th - Confimation request email is sent to all registrations

December 18th (NOON) - Last day to confirm appointment

December 20th and 21st - Toy Distribution  On the 20th we go from 10 to 4PM and on Saturday the 21st we go from 8 to 6 PM

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